Plant Pathology & Microbiology Open Access is Celebrating its Decade Journey in Research Publishing


Journal of Plant Pathology & Microbiology is celebrating 10th year of its excellence in the field of research publishing in plant science and it is a healthy platform to all the authors, researchers, editors, and readers  to contribute their latest research work for the benefit of the scientific community. The journal is committed to serve its readers authors by adding the state of the art facilities to enhance the author’s scholarly visibility.

On completion of 10 years in publishing Journey, the Journal is accepting submissions to promote quality research from across the nations of the globe to encourage the latest research in plant science focusing on  wide range of topics includes basic and applied subjects in microbiology (microbiology, methods in microbiology, mycology, bacteriology, virology, nematology, applied microbiology etc.), molecular genetics (molecular biology, prokaryotic molecular biology, molecular virology, genetics, Gene Silencing etc.) and plant pathology (plant pathology, methods in plant pathology, plant pathogenic microorganisms, ecology of plant pathogen, plant disease diagnosis, plant disease management, noninfectious plant disease etc.).

The journal welcomes different types of plant science communications including original research article, systematic reviews, short note communications, case reports, Editorials, letters to the Editors and expert opinions & commentaries from different regions for publication.

A standard Online Submission System is utilized for manuscript submission, review, editorial processing and tracking which can be securely accessed by the authors, reviewers and editors for monitoring and tracking the article processing. Manuscripts can be submitted at or forwarded to the editorial office at


Contact info:
Emma Roberts 
Journal Coordinator
Journal of Plant Pathology & Microbiology
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