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From the words of lupus effected patients “So am suffering from lupus a chronic auto immune disorder, my body is allergenic to itself, my red & white cells fight and no one wins”.

As we all know that Lupus is an Incurable auto immune disorder in which body immune system attacks its own tissues or organs. It affects many parts of the body including Skin (Subcutaneous/cutaneous Lupus), Kidneys (Lupus Nephrites), Brain (Cerebral/CNS Lupus) etc., with several symptoms of Rashes (Malar, Discoid or photosensitive), Musculoskeletal Problems, Serositis, Anemia, Seziures and several many more. We can find several Diagnostic approaches for Lupus.

There is no cure for lupus, Yet many treatment options includes NSAIDS, Immunosuoressives, Malario therapy, Usage of Steroids along with life style modifications and healthy diet can reduce the risk of lupus effected patients. The statistics provided by Lupus American Foundation confirms that about 5 million people are affected by LUPUS throughout the world with 16,000 new cases per year in United States. Around 90 percent of people with lupus are women.

Innovative research is the only pathway to discover better ways to diagnose, prevent, control and ultimately cure this devastating disease. However there is a need of literature availability for readers and it can be achieved through open accesses publication.

Lupus: Open Access is only fully peer reviewed International Scholarly journal devoted exclusively to disseminate on going lupus research throughout the world with latest advancements in all fields of Lupus and Related auto immune disorders. The Journal Cordially invites Researchers, Scholars, Speakers, Physicians, Ph.D. and Post Doc peoples, Professors etc., to submit their eminent works which will be diversified to each and every individual of scientific community. The Journal accepts all kinds of articles which include Original Research articles, Review, Case Reports, Clinical Images, Short Communication, mini review etc.,

Lupus: Open Access empowered to publish only quality range of articles by providing rapid peer review process by subject expertisers. The Editorial Board members are esteemed personalities serving the journal from past 4 years and made our journal successful in publishing wide range of worth full articles.

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