Journal of Tumor Research: Special Issue


Journal of Tumor Research: Special Issue

Special Issue Guidelines (Clinical)

Longdom Publishing SL welcomes proposals for creating special issues that fall within the scope of the Journal of Tumor Research published by Longdom Publishing SL. The special issue aims at exploring new, relevant, and most compelling dimensions in the field of Tumor Research and its therapy that missed a mention in the journal on a regular basis.

Proposal Preparation

Special issues will be released on a monthly basis and proposals will be accepted accordingly. All proposals should include the following information:

Title of the proposed special issue

Purpose and current relevance

List of topics to be covered

List of potential contributors

Guest Editor(s) and Reviewers

Address, phone, e-mail, and fax of guest editors and reviewers

Tentative deadlines for submission and review process (Timeline for submission, review, and final acceptance)

All proposals should be submitted to or send as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at

Role of EB Members

Review the special issue proposals for relevance to current research in the concerned field.

Recommend suitable proposals and their guest editors along with their biographies.

Once a proposal has been accepted by the EB members for creating a special issue, the corresponding guest editors will be responsible for handling and processing of the special issue articles.

Role of Guest Editor(s)

State the importance of the proposed special issue theme and explain how the special issue articles will contribute towards advancing the scope of the journal.

Suggest potential authors and invite them for contributing relevant articles for the proposed special issue.

Suggest a minimum of 3-5 reviewers for the manuscripts submitted towards the special issue.

Carry out all communications with potential authors and reviewers concerning author guidelines for manuscript preparation and reviewing.

Prepare a timeline and schedule for the release of special issue articles. This should include a timeline for manuscript preparation, review process, and final submission.

Oversee the submission of final edited versions of the contributing articles along with the contact information of all corresponding authors.

Include a short editorial for the topic of interest written either by the guest editor or by any of the contributors.

Mary Wilson
Managing Editor
Journal of Tumor Research