Instructions for authors for submissions: Hair Therapy and Transplantation


Instructions for authors for submissions: Hair Therapy and Transplantation

Hair Therapy and Transplantation is an open access peer reviewed journal within the field of medical sciences which publishes the eminent research in all the fields of medical and health sciences. 

Journal is having the Editorial Submission and Review Tracking System which provides the easy and feasible way to submit and track the manuscript by author and they can easily access about the review comments of their paper through this Editorial Submission and Review Tracking System. 

Types of manuscripts accepted by the Journal includes Research, Short communication, Review, Mini Review, Case Report, Case Series, Case Studies, Editorials, Thesis, Perspectives, Image Articles etc., 

Instructions for authors are as follows: 

Manuscript important element properties 

  1. Title: Title should be clear, meaningful and brief (no longer than 25 words). The abbreviations should not be used in the title. 
  1. Abstract: An abstract for a manuscript is limited and should not exceed 350 words. Abstract should be summary of the main study. It should be written in complete sentences with factual information. 
  1. Keywords: Keywords are limited and should be between 5-8 words, also should be separated with comma. For example: Biology, Medicine, Surgery, Enzyme. 
  1. References: All references should be prepared according to Vancouver style. A list of all the references cited in the text should be given at the end of the manuscript. They should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text.

When a paper is published, the Supplementary Materials are linked from the main paper html page and will be clearly marked in Lexis publication and Journal of Health and Medical Research as Supplementary Materials. They can be cited using the same DOI that is applied to the paper. Supplementary Materials are optional and usually not refereed, but the referees or editor may recommend changes, including removing some unnecessary Supplementary Materials or moving items from the main text to the Supplementary Materials. Supplementary Materials can be modified in accordance with these suggestions and resubmitted along with a revised manuscript. Once the paper is accepted for publication, Supplementary Materials cannot be altered unless there is a strong reason found to eliminate an item.


The main aim of the Journal of Health and Medical Research is to publish high quality research works and provide Open Access to the articles using this platform. The Journal offers a rapid and time bound review and publication that freely disseminates research findings related to Health and Medical Sciences. JHMR caters to the requirements of the medical practitioners, researchers, lab professionals, students, academicians, and industry that are involved in Medical studies. No matter how prestigious or popular; it increases the visibility and impact of published work. It increases convenience, reach, and retrieval power. Free online literature software facilitates full-text searching, indexing, mining, summarizing, translating, querying, linking, recommending, alerting, "mash-ups" and other forms of processing and analysis.

Media Contact:

Liza Smith
Journal Manager
Hair Therapy & Transplantation